Unofficial Passengers: The Adventures of a Naval Family in Pre-War Far East.

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Eastward Ho! The Beginnings of Ocean Steam Ship. Combined Efforts: Holts and the Conference System. The New Century: Profits and Perils. After the War: An Uncertain World. The s: Collapse and Revival. The Company at War. Picking up the Pieces. Into the s: Calm Before the Storm. Organising a Group. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction For more than a century Blue Funnel ships, managed from Liverpool by Alfred Holt and Company, held a unique place in Britain's shipping industry.

There were more details, and gossip aplenty, to come in the weeks that followed. The wedding announcements let us in on the maneuverings of those at perhaps the joyous peaks of their lives, which remains a seductive draw for audiences today. Jacqui Shine is a writer and historian. By Caitlin Dickerson. An article written about the couple in was not a wedding announcement, but a news story that noted a serious peculiarity at the time. Connor was white; her husband, Titus Poole, was black. Today, they have roots that are black, white and Native American.

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It appears the writer of the article did not interview the Pooles, but instead retraced their steps across southern New York State over several days, stringing together a dispatch that reads like a gossip column, with bits of information, like Mr. The article also misspelled Mr. They gave birth to Mr.

After his grandparents divorced, Lillian Poole Treadwell continued living in an all-black neighborhood of Ithaca, N. Treadwell, who was born in Treadwell said. At one point, they persuaded her to break off her engagement to Mr. Treadwell, he said, but their influence was fleeting, and in , the couple married and settled on Cape Cod, where they live now with their two sons. But like his great-grandparents, who displayed their relationship publicly, knowing that it made others uncomfortable, Mr. Treadwell seems uninterested in the challenges that his marriage presents to outside parties.

Treadwell suspects that, like him, his great-grandparents were motivated by something much simpler than propelling society toward inclusiveness. You can follow her on Twitter itscaitlinhd. By Diaa Hadid. So the reporter sought confirmation of its authenticity from Oussani, the proprietor of the Cairo Cafe at 34 West 29th Street, where the ceremony took place.

It seems that the event was taking place at a time when fake Muslim weddings were something of a fad. Such weddings, often with elaborately costumed performers, were staged as a form of entertainment that also allowed Americans to learn about the Middle East, said Peter Manseau, curator of American Religious History at the Smithsonian Institution.

Manseau said. The curiosity about Islam coincided with the arrival of immigrants from the Ottoman Empire. Muslims, however, were not new to America. Some of the Africans who had arrived in chains were Muslims, but their faith was usually lost within a generation or two of slavery. Muslims were among those who fought for the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. Costumed men, whom the reporter recognized from performances in Coney Island, sparred with swords.

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The bride was dressed in the Muslim fashion, with most of her body and face concealed. The groom wore an embroidered jacket and billowing pants. But something happened after the wedding that seemed to weigh in on the fake side. You can follow her on Twitter diaahadid. By Amy Bloom. Below is the article in its entirety, with annotation by the novelist Amy Bloom, who is working on a novel about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor and F. Her father was F. As has been said, it may be that Roosevelts so often married Roosevelts known as Roosevelt-Roosevelts because they never met anyone else. Click here to keep reading. On Feb. Alice Sewell of Swainsborough, Ga. Sewell, to a monthslong illness. A few days later, Mrs. Sewell before marriage.

By Lena Dunham. The women are serving short sentences, and, as their time is still unexpired, will have to spend the first part of their honeymoon in jail. The husbands are not prisoners. There are women desperately trying to hold their families together. Women have also been trained to be good.

Getting the dogs out the door before they piss on the rug means I am beginning the day responsibly. Being 15 minutes late to lunch, then not being able to resist talking about my own mundane yet horrible morning is, to me, a crime worthy of incarceration. By the time I hit my pillow at night, I am organizing a litany of awards and complaints, all just for me, and setting the stage for either a peaceful sleep or the recurring nightmare of my friends all lining up outside my apartment building to ask me to move to Wyoming, sans cellphone.

My boyfriend who, half a decade in, has still not proposed, by the way does an impression of me that drives me freaking insane.

Is anyone maaad at me? Have I been a sweetie today? Check paid for you, check mark for me. Which brings me back to Jessie and Tony and Sam and Flora and their double jail wedding.

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The article gives no indication as to what Jessie and Flora did. Steal candy?


Punch members of a rival girl gang? Solicit sex?

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They were their girls. Love is not merely the domain of those who get your latte order right. A honeymoon in a jail cell is still a honeymoon. By Lesley M. In the end, nothing could compel Miss Baker to become Mrs.