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This sweet smoothie packs in plenty of nutritious ingredients, such as spinach, flaxseeds and banana, with an optional spoonful of maca powder for a natural energy boost.

This simple kiwi, mango and pineapple fruit smoothie makes an ideal morning treat. It's an easy way to pack in the vitamins and give yourself a boost Start your day off with a little ray of sunshine - a low-fat smoothie that's one of your five-a-day and tasty too! Quick and easy to make, this banana, prune, almond milk and nut butter smoothie is an ideal on-the-go energy boost. Blitz up mangoes with yogurt, cardamom, lime and honey and you have the most delicious Indian drink — a bit like a smoothie and great for breakfast Give yourself a dose of vitamin C in the morning with this vegan green smoothie.

Along with kale and avocado, there's a hit of zesty lime and pineapple This creamy smoothie is packed with nutritious ingredients. Baobab adds a tangy, sherbet flavour and is high in fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C. Full of warming and nourishing ingredients, this creamy breakfast bowl can be ready in just 10 minutes. Blitz healthy ingredients for an energy-boosting breakfast.

Using unsweetened brown rice milk fortified with calcium and vitamins makes it more nutritious. A dairy-free vegan smoothie with fruit juice, tofu and oats to power you up at breakfast or provide sustenance for exercise. This tropical shake with creamy coconut yogurt, mango and passion fruit is dairy and soya free. Blend peaches, raspberries, orange juice and fresh custard into a fruity, creamy shake that's low in fat Frozen berries are a thrifty way of creating a healthy smoothie - pad it out with oats to make it extra filling.

A low fat, vitamin C-packed smoothie to start your day. Cool down this summer with a fresh and fruity smoothie. Make the most of the berry season with a glass of fruity goodness. Start your day with this fruity blend of passion fruits, mango, orange and banana. It's a good source of vitamin C and provides 1 of your 5-a-day, too Kick-start your day with this deliciously refreshing drink, made with fresh fruit and yogurt.

Manual Smoothie Recipes Bundle: Smoothie Recipes for Beginners / Juicing Recipes for Beginners

It's rich in vitamin C and counts as one of your 5-a-day I also put in a tablespoon of Greek yogurt for the probiotic effect but it can be left out. Good morning boost, and I love peanut butter in everything. This one is delicious! I made this today with blueberries instead on mixed berries, and I ended up with a purple smoothie instead of a green smoothie. Should this happen? Been drinking a similar green smoothie for the past 2 years, but recently had to give them up after developing kidney stones, that were excruciatingly painful and required medical attention. My doctor told me it was the high levels of Oxalic acid in the Spinach that caused it.

Definitely one that you need to play around with to suit your preference. Thanks for the sweet words, anyway. Would that make a big difference? It was kind of sludgy brown colour and tasted sludgy brown too! So I added more spinach to make it greener but then it tasted even worse. I just discovered the power of the smoothie…. Love this smoothie, but no matter what berries I use it never looks green.

What combo did you use in the one you photographed for the post? I actually find this with a lot of green smoothie recipes — they look so vibrant and green in blog photos but come out brown ish when I make them. Just curious! Tastes great.

I LOVE this smoothie. Unfortunately, I have a banana intolerance and get sick from raw bananas. Any suggestions on what to substitute it with? I love the taste of this smoothie, makes me wish I could eat a banana without getting sick :. Any help would be much appreciated! Hi Dana! I cant wait to try this recipe, can you tell me where I can find natural PB? Definitely my new favourite smoothie too. I used 2 tbsp of hemp protein powder instead of the flax but I think next time I will also add the flax.

Smoothie recipes

Glad you agree! Thanks for sharing, Nicole. However, drinking it every day is a very bad idea. Spinach has a lot of oxalic acid in it and drinking everyday can lead to kidney stones. Also, spinach draws lead up from the soil so if you have lead in the soil where it is grown which can even happened with organic spinach you do not want to be giving this to your children everyday.

The fact is there have been no conclusive studies showing an increase in kidney stone formation due to the consumption of leafy greens high in oxalate content. On the contrary, research has shown an increase in kidney stone formations related to diets high in animal protein and salt. Good luck. Tried to make it again today.

How to make green smoothies taste good

Layered it differently so the spinach would blend last buuut its still brown. How the hell do you turn it green like in the pictures cause im starting to think that wasnt a picture of the actual smoothie. I have NEVER posted a comment, even though I always look to see what others have to say, but I tried this recipe several months ago because of the enthusiasm of your readers. I just had to make my way back to the comment section to tell you that I have been enjoying this green smoothie almost daily since then!

I continue to try to find ways to eat healthily, but I am inconsistent, at best. This motivates me to continue the search for really healthy foods that taste wonderful! Thanks for a great site and a great smoothie! So great! Glad you enjoyed it.

20 Delicious Smoothies for Weight Loss

And thanks so much for commenting, too! Thanks again! This was my first time making a green smoothie and it turned out great! The banana added just enough sweetness and creaminess to balance the tartness of the berries. What a great, healthy way to incorporate some greens at breakfast or in between meals! Love this!

Green Smoothie Ingredients

I just made this today after yesterday I was browsing your blog for recipes : I loved this smoothie. It really did taste like a banana peanut butter milkshake! I used my magic bullet and mixed the spinach and milk first then added the rest of the ingredients.

My one-year old son and almost 3 yr old daughter loved it too! This green smoothie was amazing!! I felt so good after drinking it. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Im addicted now :. I found this recipe via Pinterest. I just tried it out with my little one today, and we both loved it! Thanks for sharing :. Love love love it! Thanks so much! Just wanna to know what if Chia seeds mixed with cow milk for making a pudding. Will it be bad taste or what? I do not know what I do with Chia Seed.

This is my first time. I love to use cow milk instead of Almond milk or coconut milk. I used Jif. I will try again when I pick up the natural peanut butter. This sounds absolutely wonderful. I have recently been trying to reduce calorie intake for atleast two days out of the week. Would this be a good choice since the calorie count is quite high for one meal? I agree it is very healthy ingredients.