Sans racines et sans repères (ESSAI ET DOC) (French Edition)

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Blossoms and Gems Romance Novellas for hearts of all ages , Book 5. Driscoll's Daughter by Paula Freda Series: A clean inspirational contemporary western romance novella On the evening of her graduation, Lexie broke off her engagement to Chris, and broke his heart. Two years later, living in New York, dating Jim, her boss' son, Lexie has serious doubts about her present relationship and can no longer deny the truth.

Can she recapture Chris' heart? Blossoms and Gems Romance Novellas for hearts of all ages , Book 3. Novella Jenny had everything a beautiful, sharp-witted, wealthy young woman could want, except one thing, Ron, the young man she had loved since high school. Ron, not the smartest or most handsome, injured as a child in a car accident that had left him with a permanent limp requiring him to use a cane, had loved Jenny for as long. But that was his secret.

And he meant it to remain a secret! Plain Helen, frumpy, dumpy, frizzy haired freshman Helen, who will love plain Helen? Certainly not Kurt Lance, the handsomest, smartest, even-tempered, good-humored High School Senior, scholar, football athlete, hunk.

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Ten Years later, apprenticing for an editorial position, she walks into the office of her new boss, Kurt. Of course, he doesn't remember her. A tale of an ordinary man on a path to hell, but saved by Christ. Many cultures and legends place Dismas at several crucial moments in the life of Christ. A love story, a mystery, an impossible dream, and a daring plan to capture one man's heart. A tale of lovers that have traveled through time itself to find each other. A Novella, Romance and Adventure along the Nile.

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Blossoms and Gems Romance Novellas for hearts of all ages , Book 1. An Inspirational Romance novella about a girl who believes in miracles; a young corporate lawyer who does not believe in God, and a very special Patron Saint. A miraculous journey into love. Do you believe in miracles? A clean, sensitive, emotion-filled romance for hearts of all ages.

Rated "G" for general audience. Then suddenly, the water vanished and she found herself standing in the vestibule of the castle, able to see through the crystal walls, except for the upper floors where the crystal was frosted.

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As in a trance, she walked until she came to a courtyard. In its center a fountain gushed a thick column of water as high as the eye could see, and even higher.

Sensing a presence, she looked down. His ablution completed, he cupped his hands and drank from the fountain. When he had savored his fill, he turned and faced her.