Raymond Williams: Making Connections (Economics; 37)

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Raymond Williams and education – a slow reach again for control

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Lawrence himself hated the ugly ambiguity of Nottinghamshire. There is no Nottingham, in the sense that there is Siena.

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Through publications such as the May Day Manifesto , theirs was an almost Ruskinian attempt to inject some romance and culture into what they regarded as the calculating and technocratic socialism of Harold Wilson. Think it through as labour and see how long and systematic the exploitation and seizure must have been, to rear that many houses, on that scale.

In an often determinist vein, The Country and the City seeks to explain literary developments through the shift in material relations.

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And, in turn, this quickening of the capitalist pace within English society gave rise to a more confident urban order. In the aftermath of the agrarian revolution and Industrial Revolution, rural and urban had to be understood as one. An appreciation of an early 19th-century high-bourgeois society — caught between agrarian capitalism and urban mercantilism — is essential for understanding the narratives of Emma , Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

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However, there are clearly some authors he enjoys more than others. Not least, John Clare :.

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  6. What is dramatised in it is a very complex structure of feeling. Each individual is conscious of himself, but nobody conscious of themselves collectively. No matter.

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    But, 40 years after its first publication, why now read The Country and the City? Well, in that very Englishness there is perhaps something interesting for our times. But if that strand of English idiom appears somewhat parochial, Williams also has an internationalist sensibility that feels intensely modern. As forms of capitalism have developed, so the manner in which capitalism has shaped the city has evolved.