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This fear of a feminized America , when you get down to it, is also the fear that the next generation of American men will betray their manly forefathers, real men like Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen and John Wayne. And it should be apparent to anyone—liberal, conservative, or of any other political bent—that those obligations transcend gender.

Moms-to-be and Moms

My parents valued—and instilled in both my sister and me—a rigorous work ethic, patience, honesty, integrity, and a love of family and community. Are these masculine values? Skip to navigation Skip to content. Not the stereotype of the women who wear pearls and greet their mate at the door with a casserole in hand, these moms have thrown off the pearls and donned jeans and t-shirts instead.

Trump highlights “angel moms” while announcing national emergency - Vox

The habitat they are most likely to be found in is the playground, the grocery store in the organic produce section, the closest library or participating with their kids in any fun activity you can think of. Not to be confused with Moms who think they are wearing proverbial capes and can "do it all".

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  5. Super Moms are just having super fun! A female child rearing enthusiast who goes over the top to ensure her child will become President of the United States.

    Usually seen feeding her children organic, fair trade, gluten free, GMO free foods. Often breast feeding a child until their teenage years in public.

    Baby cut from slain mom’s womb in Chicago dies after 2 months on life support

    Usually posts updates on her child rearing experiences multiple times per day to social media. Often advocates for co-sleeping at the risk of loss of sex life. Uses child rearing to participate in a social pissing match aka keeping-up-with-the-joneses. The other day I saw her breast feeding a kid who could walk in Starbucks right out in the open without any cover.

    What's her problem? Person 2: She's a super mom. Don't mess with her about her momming. She'll rip your head off.