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New Products. Party Hire. A Gold Coast Microbrewery The staff at the Aardvark and Arrow Brewery strive to provide its customers with the best product and service possible, whilst providing a friendly, welcoming experience. Learn More. What can I say Aardvark and Arrow is awesome.

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Love going there, having a beer and bottling up with the boys. You have got it all together. Ginger Cider from here on, Yum! Sandy at Arundel. I have just finished my first brew from Aardvark and arrow and I can honestly say that I am in awe of the guys in the brewery. The beer is crisp, clean and is great tasting.

Great staff, great beer and a great place to meet people! Could this place be any better, I think not It's not uncommon for apple trees to produce fruit every other year. There's a good chance if you're in England that there'll be apple trees in the countryside somewhere near you that can be used in a fallow year. It's a good idea to produce a steady supply each year and hold a few bottles back to allow them to reach optimum taste level at about 3yrs of age.

Strain out tea leaves if you're using them loose, or take out the tea bag first. My dad does the easiest apple wine there is or whatever it is, I am only reminded of dry white wine while tasting it - just makes apple juice. No sugar, no sterilizing, no nothing. I guess, kind of apples is semi sweet. The only thing - if you don't drink it right away and put in a warmer place, it becomes stronger and stronger. I have tasted some that felt more like cognac or whiskey i'm not a specialist of those though. Thanks for that Neko If you don't use wine yeast and rely on the natural yeast on the apple skins I'm not sure if you end up with wine.

I thought wine was hard to make, but it is quite easy to do and well worth the effort. Thanks for all the help and advise on your website. The biggest ingredient is patience! Could I use any of your recipes to make pomegranate wine I have made 3 batches of your apple wine and its the best I have ever made they all love it. Hi… Glad you like the apple wine.

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Hi John, Regarding the racking, you make no mention of the cut up raisins in the mix.. I'm assuming these stay in with the sediment..?

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No one else has asked this question so I'm guessing I've missed something. Thanks Ash. Good question Ashley The raisins stay behind in the sediment, having done their job during the fermentation. Hi John, thanks for the reply. Didn't see this when I posted nearly a year ago! That first batch is coming on nicely, although I haven't bottled yet- purely time issue as opposed to quality control.

I am just sorting my second batch, this time around I froze the apples prior to stage 1 and it 'seems' to have generated a much better juice in terms of Apple content. Time will tell I guess. I am going to distill a couple of litres of batch 1 to make into brandy, will let you know how I get on. Great work, keep it up. Appreciate the update, Ashley. Apple brandy Like the idea of freezing the apples first.

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If you can give an update on how both experiments go, that would be of great benefit to other readers. This looks like a really great recipe but me and a friend are wondering if step 10 and out really are very necessary. Right now time is of the essence and in this particular case we are more interested in getting a quick product rather than a high quality one.

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I am however planning to make a batch later with high quality as a goal rather than cheap alcohol. Also step 10 and out seems to me a happy amateur to be more about the taste, and the most time consuming steps. If you like the taste of yeast, then no problem Don't fancy it myself though Maybe you'd be better brewing some beer. Not as strong, but really easy to do and quick too. Hey John. Question about "processing" the apples. And also should I peel them? That is one smart device! When making wine, you don't need to peel the apples, just quarter and core. The coring is pretty easy when you've quartered.

But this device would make things much easier If I were to make cider, how would i go about it? I don't have a fruit press. Would I just core and slice the apples, add the 8kg of sugar, and forget about the yeast? Just bought some Cider Yeast, just in case, i think I'll make cider and then follow the apple wine recipe next week!


With the cider yeast you've got a head start. The biggest issue with cider is the effort to squeeze the juice out of the apples. With wine you're just using the apples to add taste, but with cider the apple juice is a big part of the content. See the link below for lots of good advice about cider making, including how to build your own cider press.

So no sugar, just apple juice and yeast? And thanks for the website, I could probably make some sort of press! Change of plans, I can't fashion up a press fast enough before the apples rot, so i'll make the wine and pick some more apples next week. Yes, that right But there's no downside if you make apple wine.

It's good and strong! Hi John, I am wondering how important the Stiring in the initial process is? It's very difficult to move the apples with the plastic spoon provided with the brewing kit. I am scared of mushing the apples with the spoon. It's also hard not to slosh the brew on the floor while stirring. Many thanks Andy. Hi Andy Without stirring, the risk is you won't get all the goodness out of the apples.

If you leave the apples in the fermentation barrel for longer to compensate, the mix is likely to start fermenting from the natural yeast on the skin of the apples and start the process of cider making. Don't worry too much about mushing the apples. Whilst you don't want to unnecessarily cloud up the water with apple pulp, the apples don't mush up that much for the few days they're in the barrel. You don't need to be too vigorous with the stirring.

Just enough to move the apples around a bit. Great, thanks John. Afraid I have another question. I have completed brewing the apple liquor in a sealed vessel. I have completed step 9. The sealed vessel has an option to add an air lock. Do you think it is worth adding an air lock at this point at the start of fermentation?

Not worth the hassle, Andy If it's easier to do this by fitting an air lock, do so. Otherwise seal up with tape or something else that does the job. Many thanks John. It's my first time making wine and I am very excited! Unfortunately , my wife doesn't share my enthusiasm and is ready to be disappointed :. I've got that version as well, Andy. Even worse, she doesn't drink. Keep the faith! Hi John I am interested in making this apple wine, however I only have a 1 gallon demijohn, how much apples would I need to just make a 1 gallon batch?