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Friendship, Jennifer is loyal to the bone. Would do anything for a friend she has allowed into her very small, sacred, circle of trust. Once youve received her friendship in return youll find the best most loyal true friend one could ever have. Love, Jennifer doesnt love easy. But when she does,she loves fiercely.

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Shes a smart nice girl on the streets but naughty in the sheets. Shes passionate, not only in the bed, but everything in her life.

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Whatever she loves shes is beyond ridiculously passionate about. Her passion shines through every thought she speaks. Shes mysterious. Everyone wants to know who she is but cant figure it out. Which leads to envious enemies. Jennifer is easily envied and attracts enemies due to jealousy. People feel intimidated within seconds of meeting her. Shes insanely beautiful. Shes smart. Shes creative. Shes funny without even trying. She carries herself with certainty of who she is.

Yet shes not snobby. People feel below her based on their own insecurities and will lie about her to take her off the pedestal they themselves put her on. She has a heart of gold yet very few people know this about her as she doesn't let people into her life.

She will be the best mother. She will honor her kids once she has them. She would die for her children. She will be number one in her childrens eyes. Everyone needs a jennifer in their life. Look at how Jennifer walks , she is so hot. A beautiful, hot, sweet, caring lady.

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A lot of people are jealous of her. Shes the type of person you can depend on. She can follow through on almost anything. She's always determined and confident. She likes for her voice to be heard. So listen up. Also daring too. She's not afraid to try something new. She's athletic. Loves to do everything. She is really talented. Loves to stand out. She's one of these most randomest , unique, crazy, amazing girl you will have ever meet.

She is always full of surprises that you wouldn't expect.

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Jennifer is an amazing girl. Keeps her promises and doesnt reveal your secrets. An awesome friend. Loves to party and have fun.

Prefers to hear the truth no matter how much it hurts. Has a great personality. Lee as she grew up. When she was 6, her father, Saverio Rebecchi, gave her a Disney how-to-draw book. Lee says. You start to believe the bullies and you believe the Kool-Aid and that you are all these horrible things. I remember getting chubby right around then. I think if, back then, they diagnosed A. I mean, my daughter has it. She had a couple rough years with bullies as well.

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I now completely understand it. I was percent that. I was always a mess. Stains on my clothes. I had knots in my hair. I was an easy target. There was physical shoving. Extreme bullying goes to the heart of what is your weakest spot. It makes you live in your head. So I had sagas going in my head and I just escaped reality. Lee was able to draw on the relationship with her own sister, Amy, three years older and now an English teacher in New York. She drew closer to her sister after tragedy. On the first day of college Ms. Lee fell for a charismatic student named Jason.

I was still struggling, seeing myself from the point of view of the bullies. He was just effervescent and I was much shyer and he kind of brought me out of my shell.