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Moonlight shapes how some animals move, grow and even sing.

The Invisible Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

July 05, The largest seaweed bloom ever detected spanned the Atlantic in July 04, Society Update. Recent articles from Science News for Students. News in Brief. Ancient DNA reveals the origins of the Philistines.

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July 03, Rogue immune cells can infiltrate old brains. Why some insect eggs are spherical while others look like hot dogs.

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  • East Asians may have been reshaping their skulls 12, years ago. July 02, Conversations with Maya: Moon Duchin.

    Radiofrequency Radiation: The Invisible Hazards of “Smart” Meters

    This brain region may be why some robots send chills down your spine. Vision cells can pull double duty in the brain, detecting both color and shape. July 01, CO 2 emissions are on track to take us beyond 1.

    Evolved as humans are, we’re terrible at solving problems we can’t actually see.

    Conversations with Maya: Thomas Rosenbaum. June 30, A scientist weighs in. June 28, Latest claim of turning hydrogen into a metal may be the most solid yet. The earliest known galaxy merger occurred shortly after the Big Bang. June 27, In a first, telescopes tracked a lone fast radio burst to a faraway galaxy.

    Invisible Threats: The Digital Dangers to our Real Lives

    Antioxidants may encourage the spread of lung cancer rather than prevent it. Some ancient crocodiles may have chomped on plants instead of meat. DNA reveals a European Neandertal lineage that lasted 80, years. June 26, The latest stories from Science News for Students.

    Signs of the color blue have been found in a fossil for the first time. June 25, These fungi drug cicadas with psilocybin or amphetamine to make them mate nonstop. A new algorithm finds nearby stars that could host hidden worlds. We are diligent about telling the girls not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth, especially while outside. You can imagine that this is a hard feat for a 3-year-old!

    Since the girls got sick, David, I, and the girls have stopped drinking raw milk. Some of our family have had a hard time understanding the dangers of raw milk and continue to drink it, and still make it available to others. Natalie simply got better.

    Dmitry "Kaos" Kuzmenko - Invisible Danger. Part II (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OST)

    Laura was part of the small and unlucky group of individuals that get HUS from their O infection. People get sick when they swallow the bacteria by drinking raw milk, eating other contaminated foods, or from hand-to-mouth contact after touching an animal or its environment.

    A look at Germany's growing Salafist Islamic community

    We choose to take ownership of our health and beliefs and we feel more confident about that every day. Even though this was a frightening experience for all of us, we are thankful for the knowledge it has given us. Both of my girls were lucky. We also know that Natalie may have passed O to her sister, and if we would have known, we could have taken extra precautions to protect Laura and others. If your child has similar symptoms and has been exposed to possible O sources, request a stool test.

    Invisible Dangers of Wireless Technology March 24th

    Instead, this phrase is commonly used as a catch-all for illness that involves vomiting, diarrhea, and aches. There are many types of germs that cause these symptoms, including E. In addition, she did not require blood transfusions or dialysis, which is unusual for an HUS case. Still, HUS can lead to life-long health effects. The bacteria are carried in the intestine of cattle and are passed in cattle feces.

    In fact, E. We see this process play out frequently in the form of E. By 6 years of age, many but certainly not all farm kids have been infected and thus developed immunity to germs found on the farm. The problem is that in some children these infections can be severe. In contrast to farm children, most people who visit farms are continuously at risk, even when they are older, because they are not exposed to these germs on an on-going basis and thus are much less likely to develop immunity.

    Many thanks to the family for so willingly participating in the UMASH investigation and sharing their story so that others can learn from their harrowing experience.