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For more than years, we have been helping families plan for the unexpected with our range of insurance. Access your plan details with our secure online service. It's really simple to use and you'll be up and running in no time. Discover the great things you can benefit from as a member, from financial insights and competitions, to our Foundation and Insight into Work programmes, as well as the opportunity to vote at our AGM.

We have lots of great work experience placements available for our members and their families through our Insight into Work programme. Opportunities are available in various teams throughout Royal London, and each placement will have its own duration and availability date. The options available include:.

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The aim of Insight into Work is to provide members and their families with experience of work at any point in their career. The four-week Work Taster placement is designed to provide you with a detailed insight into a role where you will perform tasks and work as part of a team.

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Your placement will provide you with the necessary access and support from your team and will be paid at a minimum wage rate. This placement is ideal for anyone who is looking for a more in-depth experience.

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The Educational Work Experience placement is designed to provide you with insight into a role through observing the team performing their day-to-day work. Your placement will provide you with support from your team and Line Manager, and you will receive a reimbursement of lunch and local travel costs you have incurred. This placement is ideal for anyone who is attending school, college or university.

The famed drummer for the Beatles has released new studio music and a new book with a fun look into his life. Some of the Beatles band days are documented in his new book, "Another Day In The Life" as well as modern moments in music.

The new album, his 20th, is called "What's My Name. After introducing the band he shouts out to the audience, "and what's my name?

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Starr recorded it after receiving a Lennon demo from a producer. Mughal painting was essentially a court art, developed under the patronage of the ruling Mughal emperors. The subjects treated were generally secular, revolving around themes like battles, court scenes, receptions, legendary stories, hunting scenes, wildlife, portraits, and the likes.

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