Ich nannte ihn Krawatte (Quartbuch) (German Edition)

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Ze zijn elkaars spiegel en vinden de moed bij de ander om zelf iets te veranderen. Gaat het om de vriendschap die tussen de twee ontstaat? Voor mij gevoel niet. Wel om het gevoel van eenzaamheid, alleen op de wereld te staan, wat is het nut en wil ik wel leven in een gewelddadige keiharde maatschappij als dit?

Bepaal ik zelf mijn lot, of doen anderen dat? Het verhaal blijft redelijk op afstand. Toch slaat het zijn klauwen in mij. Ik merk dat ik heel veel over dit boekje nadenk. Niet vanwege de vriendschap of omdat ik mij kon identificeren met Ohara Tetsu en Takuchi Hiro. Het is geen blij gevoel dat ik heb, maar een soort van buikpijn.

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Vooral door Takuchi Hiro, die de dood van een vriend denkt te zien en vervolgens alleen nog maar de sterfelijkheid van het bestaan kan zien. Heel sterk beschreven, minimalistisch bijna. Een enorm indrukwekkend boek, dat ik nog lang bij me zal dragen. In Dutch he translated is: 'An almost perfect friendship', i do not know how it's translated in english. Is it about friendship? Maybe a little bit. But even more, it is about how you as a person stand in society. About how you survive, and how lonely a person can feel while he is just trying to survive.

It is also about death. About how difficult it is to see the meaning of it all once you have looked death in the eye. Because what are you actually doing it all for? The story is about Takuchi Hiro, a boy of twenty from Japan, who has withdrawn from the world.

Milena Flasar Lesung

Hikikomori it is called in Japan. Apparently there are many young people who are hikikomori, because they can no longer handle the pressure of daily life. After two years of chosen reclusiveness, Takuchi Hiro goes to the park and sits on a bench all day. There he meets the office employee Ohara Tetsu. Ohara Tetsu is fired, but he does not dare to tell his wife, so he leaves the house every day as if nothing has changed. Both men have lost the desire to make something out of their lives.

They can not handle the tough competitive society around them. In fact, they do not want to.

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  6. Both have isolated themselves, but when they meet, something changes. They are each other's mirror and find the courage of the other to change something in their life.

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    Is it about the friendship that arises between the two? I do not think so. It IS about the feeling of loneliness, being alone in the world, what is the point of it all and do I want to live in a violent, tough society like this? Do I determine my own destiny, or do others do that? The story remains reasonably remote. Yet it has hooked its claws in me. I notice that I think about this book very much. It is not a happy feeling that I have, but a sort of abdominal pain.

    Especially because of Takuchi Hiro, who thinks he sees the death of a friend and afterwards can only see the mortality of life. And how he comes back from that touching trip through a lonely hell. Very strongly described, almost minimalistic. A very impressive book, which I will stay with me for a long time.

    Millionaire Moments The Story Of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire By Chris Tarrant 2003 08 28 By C

    View all 9 comments. May 26, Aubrey rated it really liked it Shelves: reality-check , person-of-translated , reality-translated , r-goodreads , reviewed , antidote-think-twice-read , translated , person-of-reality , person-of-reality-translated , r In that I was absent, I had violated the rule that says, you must be there, and if you are there, do something, achieve something. If I know of a person other than myself who came to the crossroads of dropping out of college or jumping off a bridge during the course of a "normal" coming of age, I'm unaware of it.

    I'm sure I'd find some if I pursued things like therapy and "confidential" counselors, but then I'd be more marked than I already am in a world where crazy is both an insult and an In that I was absent, I had violated the rule that says, you must be there, and if you are there, do something, achieve something. I'm sure I'd find some if I pursued things like therapy and "confidential" counselors, but then I'd be more marked than I already am in a world where crazy is both an insult and an invitation to the sane to participate in human experimentation.

    In my case, I'm so good at performing sanity that I make the typical neurotypical look withdrawn, but my concern is less myself and more my community. My people of schizophrenia, borderline, psychosis, antisocial called psychopath called sociopath called by all who think the empathy of those drawing bead on their houses and their beds will save them from hell on earth.

    My people who cannot walk, my people who cannot make eye contact, my people whose shifting capabilities based on the passage of time make those able ones who take the changeable weather in stride stand and stare, my people to whom the world refuses to adjust out of the same breed of eugenics that makes my people and even those who are not die on the street.

    I haven't met a professor during my second time around the undergrad block who didn't love me, but seeing as how they put food on the table by way of an institution which keeps a list of crazies in order, they say, to fend off future mass shootings, I wouldn't put any of them past an instinctive twitch towards alerting the firing squads. This was his illness: Too young he recognized that nothing is perfect, and he was too young to draw the right conclusions from it.

    If you live with your brain telling you to kill yourself for as long as I have, a great deal of this book is very typical. There's enough good stuff that it has my stamp of approval in terms of Being Worth Reading, but this isn't a work to be read glibly. Not every year old and then some are able to call the bluff instilled in them in grade school that failure means the streets. There's also the matter of those tried and trope machinations of girlfriend in the refrigerator and value depends on the acceptance of society, but there was enough thinking done in and through and around all those that, combined with my total lack of credibility in all things Japanese, I can't say the result wasn't worth the effort.

    What disturbed me now was simply understanding how much courage there was in me. You could cry during the course of this work if you acknowledged that, to paraphrase a Tumblr post, a system that relied on the systematic annihilation of the bottom of its hierarchy was never stable to begin with. I have also "descended into the abyss, totally alone, and So long as the world digests, I continue to bite.

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    View 2 comments. May 26, Orsolya rated it it was amazing Shelves: other , library Yet, sometimes this journey has unexpected twists and turns. Although the text is easy-to-understand and a quick undertaking; the format is more of a lyrical, prose poem with many depths of understanding. Flasar takes a common plot Person A is lost and hurting. A meets Person B who teaches A to live again ; but infuses this storyline with philosophical thought streams on a variety of topics love, life, family, friendships, career, education, etc making the novella have a strong and thoughtful undercurrent.

    Although this quickens the pace; the overall tone is rather peaceful and calming, therefore securing the reader like an old friend. This is natural and unforced proving that Flasar is comfortable in these matters; happily teaching the reader. Although the story and context if somewhat dark; the execution is beautiful. View all 4 comments. Sep 07, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: translation , fiction.

    Feb 16, Kate rated it it was amazing.

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    How can such a small book pack such a large punch? Beautifully written, it's a multi-layered story that touches the spirit and reveals much about being the frailties of being human. I cried at one point.