Dreams...Promises...A Vanner Horse Journey

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All of this is God's work we need not to question. God has and will make it all right if you only believe.

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Please enjoy reading my book, for these are thoughts for our everyday life. All Teddy Eclipse ever wanted was to be normal. What she gets is Balthazar, a three hundred year old Antarian vampire warrior telling her she's an Antarian hybrid and the fate of the worlds may rest upon her shoulders.

It's quite a lot to take in, but Teddy is only fifteen. Learning to control the powers that her mixed blood heritage has granted her, she's forced to go on the run with her Antarian protector to evade human alien hunters and the Dark Lord who is out to stop her at The main reasons I wrote this first book is to encourage others of a similar fate. I hope to encourage the lost and depressed in the effort to guide them toward a bigger future without regret. For them to understand they are not alone and someone is there to listen.

Not for money, but for the divine privilege to help them overcome and see what a blessing they truly are. Nothing is to great that you can not overcome through Christ.

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Dreams... Promises... A Vanner Horse Journey

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Write report. The author takes you on her personal journey to fulfill a childhood dream. One that leads to a redirection of her life, and the beginning of helping introduce, preserve and promote a rare new breed of horse - The Gypsy Vanner Horse.

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