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He knows where we are vulnerable, how we may be best ensnared.

Destroying The Snare Of The Fowler

That which would tempt one man would have no attraction, or but little, for another. And Satan knows that. Attractively baited.

How the devil lured Saul to persecute the Church, by persuading him that he was "doing God service"! How Christian people are often led to mingle in strange scenes, and to associate with those who are no friends to Christ in their amusements and ways, on the pretext that so they may bring these ungodly ones under good influence, and thus lead them on to something better! The result is generally the reverse of what was expected.


Satan has a vast variety of these baits, and the souls are not a few that he has snared by means of them. Sometimes he uses decoys. Sometimes he employs several of them together. Old Master Quarles says - "The close pursuers' busy hands do plant Snares in thy substance; snares attend thy want Snares in thy credit; snares in thy disgrace; Snares in thy high estate; snares in thy base; Snares tuck thy bed, and snares surround thy board; Snares watch thy thoughts; snares attack thy word; Snares in thy quiet; snares in thy commotion; Snares in thy diet; snares in thy devotion; Snares lurk in thy resolves, snares in thy doubts; Snares lie within thy heart, and snares without; Snares are above thy head, and snares beneath; Snares in thy sickness; snares are in thy death.

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Therefore let us watch and pray. God will "surely" deliver us from them. He has promised to do so. He has done so for his people in all ages who have sought such deliverance.

The Fowler's Snare

Christ came to destroy the works of the devil ; therefore, certainly, these snares. How does the Lord fulfil this word? By not letting us fall into them. He keeps us from the evil, that it shall not touch us. This is very blessed - more blessed than to be delivered out of the snare when we have fallen therein.

The eider brother was, after all, more to be envied than the restored prodigal.


We too much forget this. God has many means of holding us back from sin. Chief of all, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, giving us, as to Joseph, a holy fear and an abiding love of God. By rescuing us out of the snare. Are you trapped in such a snare? Are you in decline physically, financially and or morally due to such cleverly devised ensnarement? Believe me when I say such corruption is intentionally imposed on populations of people and so contagious that entire nations are so ensnared.

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Those who dwell in the secret place of the Most high will surely be delivered from the snares of such fowlers and the noisome pestilences, but you likely will never hear that from a drug company. Jesus Christ is the door into this well kept secret place of great protection and deliverance. The social engineering to eradicate the Name of Jesus Christ from our society has been continuous and relentless. However there is another very threatening movement on the horizon to make it illegal to speak any truth which would stand in the way of further enslavement to the fowlers of our day.

The government takeover of health care is the capstone of snares and has been fought for by the pill pushers. Great sums of money have been invested so that there is a guaranteed cash-flow from every pocket. You can remove your dependancy on the snare of the fowler and make Jesus your refuge and your fortress today.

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  4. If you wish to be free from such snares I will agree with you in prayer. The following is a prayer you may consider:. I have been affected by the drug companies propaganda to ask my doctor if their drug is right for me. I wish to repent and change my thinking today. I elevate you Jesus above any doctor or drug company as my Lord. I believe you paid for my sins on the cross and also paid for my healing as your back was beaten and bloodied according to the scriptures. I receive healing now for every physical, emotional or spiritual bruises or wounds by the power of God through faith in the resurrected Savior Jesus Christ.

    Jesus I receive you as my healer and savior today. I am coming into the secret place, remembering that you already provided healing for me. Look to God, there are absolutely zero side effects when you find his power through faith in Jesus Christ. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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    Call on Jesus today to deliver you from our present day fowlers…. Ask him to deliver you from the poisonous deceptions and snares of corruption that is in this world through lust. Good word, we are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind to the word not the world, i did the same thing by looking up the definitions and direct translations from Greek to English!

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