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Very early versions of the shoe had oval shaped pillars of foam and patches of rubber.

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This update keeps the rectangular-pillar design from the last model, which gives you excellent contact with the ground. Those treads are segmented with deep grooves, so the sole remains flexible and responsive. The PureFlow still proves itself to be a versatile shoe that works for speedy runners who land on their midfoot or the rare few who land further forward.

Our lighter runners, in particular, enjoyed the balance between cushioning and ground feel, but larger-framed testers wished for an even softer platform. Key here is the segmented midsole—grooves are cut so deep that they go all the way through to the bottom of the sockliner. Tests at the RW Shoe Lab found that the PureFlow delivers better-than-average cushioning, especially in the well-padded forefoot.

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On the road, our testers appreciated the softness from the layer. The PureFlow 7 uses an identical sole design to the previous version, with quite a bit of rubber coverage for durability. The heel patches are thick, so they should last a long time, but are notched so they flex easily for a gentle landing if you heel-strike. The rounded design at the rear smooths out the landing even further.

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  • Blown rubber in the forefoot offers a smooth transition to toe off. A new one-piece woven exterior eliminates the overlays found on previous versions—v5 had a supportive print over the back half of the shoe, while v6 used a separate overlay in the rear to help hold the foot in place. Even without true overlays, the upper material is sturdy enough to keep you from moving around much, but it comfortably stretches a little with your natural movement. Fairly thick padding around the collar and in the tongue dials up comfort.

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    We put each shoe through real-world usage and a battery of mechanical tests in our lab to provide you with objective—and exclusive—data. Take time to assess your incoming channels, and ask yourself how likely each is to provide you with critical information. Prune channels aggressively when you find you are spending time but rarely getting value. I have a few groups which I scan on a weekly or monthly basis as time permits. Give Feedback.

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    Do not be a passive consumer. If a channel could be more useful to you then speak up. The person communicating probably wants their effort to be as productive as possible, so they will likely welcome the feedback. Proactively Identify Gaps.

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    Periodically map out all the people and projects your work depends on. Identify critical channels, and assess if you are getting regular information from those sources. Pull the Thread. If you let that moment pass, you may be allowing yourself to proceed on the basis of outdated, sub-optimal information. On an average workday I probably write a dozen notes to myself when I hear something that surprises or interests me to make sure I follow up and learn more.

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    Tell Your Story. This may not sound like a component of listening, but getting your story out is one of the best ways to make sure people inform you when they have relevant information.

    Good outbound communication is a huge part of getting good inbound communication. Register Callbacks.